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      Jimi Wikman
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      By Jimi Wikman,

      Building this community has been a ton of fun and it is based on my own website, but with some modifications of course. There are quite a few custom icons made and I brought in a set of custom templates for the articles section that I built for my own site. Working with the team every step of the way to build the best community I know how.

      The work began as it almost always do with some sketches and base coloring. From there I did the base coloring, which is easy in this software, and started to move over the code that would be the base for TheLeft. From there it was adjustment time to make sure the colors and the code fit the new community experience.

      The basic structure of the clubs was created and a starting point for the articles was set up. We defined the ideologies and I made icons for them while we defined the main sections of the site. I created the blocks for the hero banners and the other blocks we needed and set up the start page.

      We added the different system modules and I did a sweep to make sure they looked ok. Then we added the tabbed forum layout and set up the forums as we wanted them. I created custom post icons for all forums and decided to add maps to the regional news section. Finally, we connected the articles section to the news section in the forums so you can comment on both sides.

      We added some content and wrote the copy for the hero banners as well as the about us section. I created some custom reaction icons and updated some code that had gone haywire, and then we were ready to go live.

      Throughout the process I provided input and advice from my long experience building communities too @Admin and the others. With 20+ years experience I have an inkling on how to get a good start and I hope I can continue to provide guidance moving forward.

      It's a great project and I have had a great time building this first incarnation of TheLast.


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