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The faces behind the words:

The Left Co-Founder Adam Best is an activist, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and writer. He grew up in Southwest Missouri, moved all around the country, and now lives in Austin, TX, a progressive hot spot in a red state. These travels give him a good understanding of not just America’s left-leaning major cities, but also of conservative rural areas. Best is the former CEO and Co-Founder of FanSided, a network of fan-focused websites reaching around 30 million monthly readers, that was acquired by Time Inc. and then Meredith. He quit that job to focus on liberal activism after Trump was elected, no longer willing to sit on the political sidelines. Previously, he was an award-winning playwright during his college days, produced a number of films and covered the NFL for various outlets, including Fox Sports. He’s also an election junkie who’s proudly never voted for a Republican. Find Adam on Twitter @AdamCBest or drop him a line at adam@theleft.com

When Kim Iversen was a young girl every report card said: “talks too much in class”. Little did her teachers know this went on to play to her benefit years later. As a nationally syndicated radio talk show host heard on the FM dial, Kim has connected with thousands of people all across the country. Her unique background allows her to understand people from all walks of life. Kim was born and raised in Idaho to a farming family on one half and Vietnamese refugees on the other. She was raised Catholic, Buddhist, and Mormon. She went to the University of California, Davis and has since lived in many states and cities across the nation and globe. Her interest in politics is nothing new. At age 11 Kim wrote an anti-deforestation bill and attempted to pass it through the Idaho State legislature. She went on to lobby for environmental causes and is now the Co-Founder of The Left. Listen to her every weekday host The Left Daily News Podcast. Find her on Twitter @KimOnTheLeft or email her at kim@theleft.com

Reed Redmond is a writer and editor for The Left, where he does his best to make sense out of this bass-ackwards political moment. Reed has experience working in the podcast space and writing about this, that, and the other thing. Born and raised in Minnesota, he has migrated south to the warm, tropical climate of Chicago, Illinois, where he received a B.A. in Creative Writing from Loyola University Chicago. When he isn’t writing for The Left, Reed spends the bulk of his time trying to convince Chicagoans to cheer for Minnesota sports teams. Find him on Twitter @RedReedmond or reach out to him at reed@theleft.com.